Braces – Insignia



Like fingerprints, your smile is unique. And so is Insignia, a computerized system that combines digital treatment planning with specially made brackets and wires tailored to your specific dental anatomy.

Insignia uses advanced algorithms in combination with PVS impressions to create a 3-D virtual model of the patient’s anatomy. With Insignia, you have complete control of each case. Although an initial suggested course of treatment is provided through the Approver software, you are able to view each tooth in great detail. Multiple views and rotations allow you to perfect each case and make cosmetic adjustments to create a truly unique smile.

Pretreatment/Posttreatment: Treatment Time — 10.5 months, 7 appointments

Pretreatment/Posttreatment: Treatment Time — 12.5 months, 8 appointments

Pretreatment/Posttreatment: Treatment Time — 9.5 months, 7 appointments